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The purpose of this SuperFood website is to provide you with unique live-food healthful consumables brought to you by health professionals. Our motto is: “Better Food, Lower Prices”. We also feature Dr. Blueberry and Dr. Muscaberry organic products made from organic blueberries grown on our own organic blueberry farm located just 60 miles from our Dallas, TX distribution center. Our blueberries are the sweetest blueberries in the world.

The word “Alternative” in our name, in addition to being a low price alternative to the mostly over-priced organic food and product industry in America, also aims to give you an “alternative” to other food choices you might make following the removal of immunogenic Western diet staple foods (like gluten and dairy) from your diet. Instead of turning to obesigenic gluten-free grain-based products, try these naturally gluten-free SuperFoods!

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