OxAdsorb I/II: Fibromyalgia Rx Ca-Mg and Alkali Supplement 30oz

A safe mineral-based, oxalate-binder that also supplies bone and cell metabolism supporting magnesium/calcium as well as the additional bone-protecting and anti-inflammatory alkali. OxAdsorb I was specially formulated for ingestion to bind and trap oxalate inside the intestine to aid in support of preventing symptoms of oxalate crystal-related musculoskeletal (fibromyalgia, arthritis, frozen shoulder) and urinary system (kidney stones) syndromes. OxAdsorb II was specially formulated to add to foods high in oxalate to bind the oxalate before it enters into the gastrointestinal tract. Using this Calcium and Magnesium-containing OxAdsorb I formula with the calcium only-containing OxAdsorb II allows titration and limitation of the amount of magnesium ingested throughout the day for those that might be sensitive to the diarrheogenic effect of magnesium ingestion. If you have no worries about diarrhea from magnesium, you can still use this combination, or use the single agent OxAdsorb Complete also sold here.

OxAdsorb I and II
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