Organic Dried California Golden (Conadria) Figs 2.5 lb

A fig of intermediate sweetness/sugar content, but superb taste none the less (cause most “white” figs are a little on the “too sweet” side). Figs are very high in calcium and protein due to the presence of the seeds which are consumed with the fruit. Figs are not only touted as aphrodisiac in the fig capital of the world (Turkey), but their consumption (along with olive oil) has been shown to increase longevity in Mediterranean peoples. Figs are the most mentioned fruit in the bible! Wow, a biblical food. Dr. Fine has said if there was only one food he could have on a deserted island it would be figs (because of their great taste, presence of protein with the sugar, and they are a longevity, super food).

High in calcium

High in protein (for a fruit)

Conadria Figs
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