Dr. Blueberry - Organic Blueberry Fiber 1 lb container

This organic blueberry fiber derived from the pulp, skin, and seeds of our organic blueberries from our organic farm near Dallas, TX (after the juice is fresh squeezed) not only contain all of the antioxidant and nutritional health and anti-aging health benefits of blueberries, but blueberry fiber has been shown in scientific studies (especially when taken along with a probiotic supplement) to prevent and even treat colitis (source). By adding just a touch of natural leaf stevia (a non-sugar plant with naturally sweet leaves), the great, sweet taste of the blueberries is restored perfectly. This product is one derived out of Dr. Fine’s nutritional research, searching for foods that support the flora health of the intestinal tract; his plans of applying this fiber supplement as a potential treatment of colitis have been corroborated by the Swedish research study quoted above.

High in antioxidants and resveratrol (anti-aging)

Supports a favorable intestinal flora

Research shows blueberry fiber prevents and helps treat colitis

Purely American fruit - nothing mysterious or exotic

Made from Grade A #1 organic blueberries

Great tasting in water, in smoothies, or mixed in food

Dr. Blueberry Fiber
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